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The Differences Between WordPress Professionals and Amateurs

05 November 2016
Low quotes and quick turnaround are very enticing to a small business, but make sure you do your due diligence before committing to a web designer whether he or she may be an actual firm or a freelancer.  The problem with these super low prices and fast turnarounds are that you usually end up with a cookie cutter design and template that some ... Continue Reading

Stay Safe with Regular CMS Updates/Monitoring

04 November 2016
Those who live in the shadows of the World Wide Web are growing increasingly more clever with gaining access to websites and email accounts with malicious intent. This is a time for vigilance and preemptive action to ensure your business does not lay victim to a hack, scam or other damaging tactic by these internet criminals. When a hacker gets ... Continue Reading

Misconceptions About Web Development

07 August 2015
Did your last web development project go over budget, blow past deadlines and became a frustrating mess? The bad news. It was rough. The good news. Your next web project does not have to be. Most business owners have serious misconceptions about web development. This is a problem because businesses are more reliant than ever on their ... Continue Reading

Surge of E-commerce Transactions on Mobile Devices

03 October 2014
Since 2010, Australia has seen a 448% rise in mobile e-commerce transactions. That is an incredible growth and business owners and online retailers must take notice. Enable and optimise your E-commerce website for mobile devices. Many of today\'s mobile devices whether that be a tablet or a smaller smart phone double as portable computers for ... Continue Reading