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Why Should You Upgrade Your Website from Static to WordPress?

29 September 2017
As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is designed to aid you in managing various aspects of your website via a user-friendly platform and format. You can be the administrator of your site, initiating all necessary changes on your site pages from the admin area, which is basically self-explanatory in terms of available features and ... Continue Reading

Why Do Businesses Have To Invest In Having a Website?

15 September 2017
With rates of e-commerce currently increasing at rapid speed, having an active website for your small to mid-sized business is essential. A well-designed and constructed site with updated technology for good ROI from the latest SEO, CRO and social media advertising is a must today. Having an attractive and effective business site will enhance your ... Continue Reading

Why Do You Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

31 August 2017
The top quality website design and web hosting companies today offer a comprehensive, smooth process that enables even startup ventures to navigate the route from small, beginning business to highly visible, growing and successful online enterprise. Without this expert site design and development to guide and position a new business for gaining ... Continue Reading

What are Parallax Websites?

17 August 2017
Parallax websites are scrolling sites designed to heighten and intensify the user\'s onsite interactive experience. Designers of these updated websites with advanced functionality are seen as the latest pioneers in the exploration of the user\'s experience in cyberspace. The word \"parallax\" originated from the visual experience of 2D video games ... Continue Reading