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Stock Images versus Real Images: Why Authentic Images are Better for your Website?

21 November 2017
Although using stock photographs to depict your brand\'s products and services on your website is fast, easy and seemingly efficient, these ready-to-use images will present a generic or canned appearance to many of your site visitors. Most regular Internet users can spot stock photos immediately, often because other websites are using these same ... Continue Reading

The Impact of Color and Themes in Web Design

10 November 2017
Colour and themes play a major part in the creation and success of a dynamic, engaging website today. Whether you have a business domain or a personal interest website, the initial visit to your site is often the first contact your potential customers or members have with your enterprise or project. In website design, as in many other aspects of ... Continue Reading

Why Quality Content Matters in Web Design

26 October 2017
Quality content is essential today in website design to ensure that your site will attract good web traffic volumes. Only with more visitors accessing your web pages on a regular basis can you gain new first-time customers. With innovative and appealing website content that is highly relevant to your niche, products and services, you can then ... Continue Reading

Difference between Domain Names with HTTP and HTTPS

13 October 2017
Many regular Web users notice that many domain names include \"HTTP\" while others use \"HTTPS\" without actually knowing how they differ. Even website owners who are familiar with use of \"HTTP\" and know that it stands for \"Hyper Text Transfer Protocol\" may not know the significance of the additional letter \"S\" at the end. The major ... Continue Reading