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New Website Design Trends for 2018

31 January 2018
There are exciting and innovative new trends for web design during 2018, so be sure to bring your online business site presentation current in order to keep your competitive edge sharp in your specific industry niche. Since trends move as swiftly as advancements in technology, staying informed and updated in your website design as well as your ... Continue Reading

What Are the Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website?

12 December 2017
Anyone can learn to build a website that is attractive to a certain audience on the Internet. However, if you are planning to operate a successful e-commerce site, building a loyal customer base and growing your enterprise as you promote your brand\'s products and services, you need to create a site that is not only attractive to visitors, but ... Continue Reading

Why Do E-Commerce Websites Need SSL or Secure Domains?

05 December 2017
SSL protocol ensures online businesses and customers that private data communicated between website owners and operators via servers is well safeguarded from interception or tampering by other Web users. The data communicated is encrypted to make certain that its confidentiality is maintained during transmission. SSL is an abbreviation for Secure ... Continue Reading

Stock Images versus Real Images: Why Authentic Images are Better for your Website?

21 November 2017
Although using stock photographs to depict your brand\'s products and services on your website is fast, easy and seemingly efficient, these ready-to-use images will present a generic or canned appearance to many of your site visitors. Most regular Internet users can spot stock photos immediately, often because other websites are using these same ... Continue Reading