15 August 2019

The Importance of Visual Content, Infographics, and Photography in Web Design

By including engaging visual content on your website, you will capture the attention and interest of your site visitors. Both existing customers and new site visitors will stay longer on your web pages, browsing through your quality content to view […]

01 July 2019

Why E-Commerce Websites Should Have Mobile Framework Web Design

More web users access their favourite sites or browse the Internet today on smart phones and tablets than on PCs. Nearly one billion individuals now connect to the Internet on mobile devices. Three out of every five mobile users leave […]

01 June 2019

Characteristics of a Website with Good Functionality

For reaching optimal levels of visibility, credibility and success for your business, your website must be as innovative and unique as your enterprise and brand. It is also essential for your site to exhibit high degrees of functionality, with all […]

15 May 2019

Adaptive Web Design vs. Responsive Web Design: What are the Differences?

More consumers than ever before are now using mobile devices to access the web and visit or do business on their favourite sites. Today, to avoid losing web traffic volumes and valuable customers, your site should be easy to access […]

01 May 2019

Redesign Matters: Why Should You Not Get Stuck in an Outdated Website?

It is never a good idea to neglect your website, getting stuck with outdated content and design. For many visitors to your site, this is a strong sign that your site’s brand, products and services may not be valid or […]

15 April 2019

Web Design and Its Impact on Customer Experience

Web design has a very strong impact on customer experience on any website today. Top quality website structure, layout, features and technology are essential for gaining greater web visibility, credibility, visitor traffic and conversion rates for your online business. Since […]

08 April 2019

How Purpose-Driven Websites Can Help Boost Businesses in Australia

Since the rates of e-commerce expansion are increasing daily, you need a business website that identifies and displays your brand products and services directly and immediately. Your site should serve as the central focus of your online business brand presence […]

15 March 2019

What are the Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate for your Domain?

SSL, or Secure Socket Layers, is a public key system using the RSA encryption and authentication mode via security certificates. SSL is an ideal method of safeguarding sensitive data since it aids in creating a secure connection between a client […]

01 March 2019

Top Website Design Trends for 2019

Web design has evolved and moved through many different phases since its early days of development. It will continue to move in innovative directions with the use of new design concepts and technologies in 2019. Although no extreme changes are […]

20 July 2018

Your Homepage Checklist: What are the Most Important Things?

Acquiring high levels of Web visibility and a strong online presence are essential for Internet business success today. To achieve this goal, you must have a website homepage that will attract high volumes of Web traffic resulting in larger numbers […]

15 June 2018

Google Chrome to Display All “HTTP” Sites as “Not Secure”: The More Reason to Have HTTPS

With the release of Chrome 68 this past week, on July 24, 2018, Google desktop computer platforms began displaying the words “Not Secure” at the beginning of the address bar of HTTP web pages. Although Google had already initiated this […]

15 May 2018

Differences between Template Design and Custom Designed Website

If you are ready to create a new business website or update your current company site, you can decide to either build a custom designed or a template-based website. Before making your final decision concerning site building options, you should […]

20 April 2018

Ways of Improving Customer Interaction on Your Website

When you work with top quality website designers and developers for the initial design and construction of your business site, these experts will include features and technology to enhance customer interaction on all your webpages. By expanding and refining your […]

15 March 2018

The Most Important Elements That Your Website Homepage Must Have

There are many elements that all contemporary websites must incorporate, including top-quality design and development with excellent SEO, engaging interactive features, a designated area for site visitor contact data collection, a strong call-to-action and convincing customer testimonials. In addition, there […]

16 February 2018

Why Small Businesses Should Have Their Own Websites

Any small business will benefit from having a website today. In today’s busy world of fast-paced global commerce, a strong, reputable online presence is vital to growing and sustaining a successful business. With ecommerce on a consistent upswing, small companies […]

31 January 2018

New Website Design Trends for 2018

There are exciting and innovative new trends for web design during 2018, so be sure to bring your online business site presentation current in order to keep your competitive edge sharp in your specific industry niche. Since trends move as […]

12 December 2017

What Are the Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website?

Anyone can learn to build a website that is attractive to a certain audience on the Internet. However, if you are planning to operate a successful e-commerce site, building a loyal customer base and growing your enterprise as you promote […]

05 December 2017

Why Do E-Commerce Websites Need SSL or Secure Domains?

SSL protocol ensures online businesses and customers that private data communicated between website owners and operators via servers is well safeguarded from interception or tampering by other Web users. The data communicated is encrypted to make certain that its confidentiality […]

21 November 2017

Stock Images versus Real Images: Why Authentic Images are Better for your Website?

Although using stock photographs to depict your brand’s products and services on your website is fast, easy and seemingly efficient, these ready-to-use images will present a generic or canned appearance to many of your site visitors. Most regular Internet users […]

10 November 2017

The Impact of Color and Themes in Web Design

Colour and themes play a major part in the creation and success of a dynamic, engaging website today. Whether you have a business domain or a personal interest website, the initial visit to your site is often the first contact […]

05 November 2017

The Differences Between WordPress Professionals and Amateurs

Low quotes and quick turnaround are very enticing to a small business, but make sure you do your due diligence before committing to a web designer whether he or she may be an actual firm or a freelancer.  The problem […]

26 October 2017

Why Quality Content Matters in Web Design

Quality content is essential today in website design to ensure that your site will attract good web traffic volumes. Only with more visitors accessing your web pages on a regular basis can you gain new first-time customers. With innovative and […]

13 October 2017

Difference between Domain Names with HTTP and HTTPS

Many regular Web users notice that many domain names include “HTTP” while others use “HTTPS” without actually knowing how they differ. Even website owners who are familiar with use of “HTTP” and know that it stands for “Hyper Text Transfer […]

29 September 2017

Why Should You Upgrade Your Website from Static to WordPress?

As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is designed to aid you in managing various aspects of your website via a user-friendly platform and format. You can be the administrator of your site, initiating all necessary changes on your site […]

15 September 2017

Why Do Businesses Have To Invest In Having a Website?

With rates of e-commerce currently increasing at rapid speed, having an active website for your small to mid-sized business is essential. A well-designed and constructed site with updated technology for good ROI from the latest SEO, CRO and social media […]

31 August 2017

Why Do You Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

The top quality website design and web hosting companies today offer a comprehensive, smooth process that enables even startup ventures to navigate the route from small, beginning business to highly visible, growing and successful online enterprise. Without this expert site […]

17 August 2017

What are Parallax Websites?

Parallax websites are scrolling sites designed to heighten and intensify the user’s onsite interactive experience. Designers of these updated websites with advanced functionality are seen as the latest pioneers in the exploration of the user’s experience in cyberspace. The word […]

25 July 2017

Template Design versus Custom Web Design: Know What the Difference is

Are you ready to create a captivating new website design for your business or personal interest site? If so, the first major decision to make is whether a website template or a custom site design will best suit your specific […]

25 July 2017

What are the Different Google Algorithms? From Past to Present

Every year, Google alters its search algorithm between 500 and 600 times. Although the majority of these changes are minor revisions and tweaks, Google sometimes launches an algorithm update of major significance, for example, Google Panda and Penguin. These important […]

04 November 2016

Stay Safe with Regular CMS Updates/Monitoring

Those who live in the shadows of the World Wide Web are growing increasingly more clever with gaining access to websites and email accounts with malicious intent. This is a time for vigilance and preemptive action to ensure your business […]

07 August 2015

Misconceptions About Web Development

Did your last web development project go over budget, blow past deadlines and became a frustrating mess? The bad news. It was rough. The good news. Your next web project does not have to be. Most business owners have serious […]

03 October 2014

Surge of E-commerce Transactions on Mobile Devices

Since 2010, Australia has seen a 448% rise in mobile e-commerce transactions. That is an incredible growth and business owners and online retailers must take notice. Enable and optimise your E-commerce website for mobile devices. Many of today’s mobile devices […]

05 August 2014

Tips for Working with Web Designers

Many businesses start with poor websites due to lack of knowledge or budget or go many years without ever having a website. All businesses reach a point though where it needs a professional online appearance. Unfortunately, launching a website isn’t […]

08 July 2014

Responsive Web Design

Showcasing your businesses website throughout the vast spectrum of advertising mediums and devices can be a difficult and costly experience. When you use responsive web design, you can reach all of your customers and your potential customers from one website […]

21 March 2014

Using Animation in your Website

With tons of websites being done every day, standing out from the rest has become a concern among patrons of this type of marketing strategy. Creating a long lasting impression to its visitors is one of the tasks a web […]

21 February 2014

The Importance of Having A Website for Your Business

A surprising fact is how many businesses do not have a website. You would think that in this digital modern era everybody would know how important a website is for a business. It is clearly not the case and any […]

02 December 2013

Benefits of WordPress for your Business Website

WordPress is now over 11 years old and is one of the most popular if not the most popular CMS/blogging platform available. Here are some reasons why WordPress can benefit your business and why using a WordPress platform is something […]

02 December 2013

How to Write Great Web Content

Webmasters often lose track of the purpose of their websites. Yes, most are businesses and the goal is to make money, but the part of the equation that too many forget is that they are dealing with real people. It […]

15 November 2013

Link Building vs. Content Marketing – Which is Better?

These two types of website promotion often come up in webmaster conversations. There is also some debate as to which of the techniques is better. To answer the question definitively, we need to first understand what each one means and […]

29 October 2013

Web Design for SEO

Search engine traffic is the Holy Grail of internet traffic. Once your site has a good search engine position, it brings a flood of interested visitors to check things out. Meet that traffic with compelling content and the result is […]

14 October 2013

Ideas for Keeping Web Visitors on Your Site

User-Friendly A nice design with a simple navigation system is vital in keeping visitors on your website. If your design uses many different non-complimentary colors and is distracting in itself, expect visitors to bail. A great design is born from […]

24 September 2013

How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is one of those monolithic internet presences that everyone except the most dedicated Luddites has heard of. As such, it is also a natural place for those with other websites to attempt to drum up business. There are two […]

13 September 2013

How Social Media Affects SEO

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become such titanic presences in the consciousness of frequent web surfers that it is only natural for webmasters to wonder exactly how social media affects SEO. Below is a look at […]

26 August 2013

5 Tips to Make Your Website Better

Web sites come in such a variety of formats and appearances that it is impossible to cover them all in one sitting. The better sites tend to have several things in common. Below are five tips that any webmaster can […]

21 August 2013

How to Promote Your Business on Youtube

Internet marketers can often be heard lamenting the fact that they did not get their start when Google was young and competition was sparse. They will moan about the money made during the pioneering period of the Internet before there […]

30 July 2013

What is a Bounce Rate?

The short answer to the question “What is a bounce rate?” is that it is a measurement of the length of time that visitors to a web site spend on a given page. For those involved in internet business, the […]

10 July 2013

Questions You Should Ask Before Building an Ecommerce Site

To the uninitiated, setting up an e-commerce site may seem like a straightforward enough proposition–orders and payments come in, products go out, everyone’s happy. The reality is that e-commerce sites can vary widely in scale, complexity and price, and they […]

18 June 2013

How to Design a Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be a source of stress for small business owners–after all, while many of them have not studied marketing and don’t feel confident about their abilities, they know that to succeed they must do it and do it successfully. […]

30 May 2013

How to Reach your Target Audience

There is no question that the online marketplace has changed the way consumers shop throughout the world. Great marketing isn’t about appealing to the masses. It’s about appealing to the right clients. Finding the right clients is critical to your […]

03 May 2013

When to Redesign Your Website

There is no question that the online marketplace has changed the way consumers shop throughout the world. Redesigning a website is no small task. However, sometimes a site redesign is a necessity. Indeed, you may need a site redesign at […]

05 April 2013

What Makes a Good Facebook Landing Page?

There is no question that the online marketplace has changed the way consumers shop throughout the world. All forms of social media are marketing tools that are unparalleled by any other means. Twenty years ago it would have been unthinkable […]

25 March 2013

Why Your Company Needs a New Logo

Businesses are sometimes reluctant to redesign their logos. They may believe that a having the same logo year after year creates a sense of stability. They might think that changing a logo can be confusing to some customers who have […]

08 March 2013

The Key Elements of a Great Website

No company today can be competitive without a website. The most recent data shows that eight of 10 people shop online, mostly due to convenience. The Internet never closes. Thanks to mobile devices, which are becoming easier to use by […]

22 February 2013

Responsive Web Design and How it Applies to You

Technical jargon can be difficult to understand for those who work outside of the IT industry. However, it is vital for business owners, managers, and marketing staff to take the time to fully comprehend the different types of web styles […]

27 November 2012

The Rise in Online Shopping in Australia

The ease of purchasing items from the comfort of one’s own home is a driving factor. Perhaps more importantly is the ability to find the best prices and do easy research in only a matter of minutes. Though these facts […]

15 November 2012

CMS vs Static Websites

Small business owners need professional looking, high quality websites in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Knowing what type of website to use for any business can be confusing for those who are not professional web developers. A business […]

04 November 2012

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Reliable web hosting services are vital to the survival of every business. Any large or small business that wishes to remain competitive must have an online presence. This online presence must be readily accessible 24 hours a day. If at […]

25 October 2012

How to Improve Your Page Rank

Page ranking is vitally important in today’s virtual world. Consumers use search engines like Google to research companies and products on a daily basis. Research has shown that most consumers click only on the first three hits on a search […]