Custom Web Design / Development

Is your website getting results? We have the experience to design an affordable effective website. We have solutions to match the smallest one person operation right up to major corporations.

Specializing in Affordable Custom Web Design

At Netwizard Design we not only take into account design features and functionality we also recognize how important it is to create a website that will convert visitors into leads or sales.

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eCommerce Solutions

Our talented team designs websites that make sure your web visitors convert to sales!

Our customized eCommerce platforms are Loaded with features. Netwizard Design are the leaders in creating websites that convert website traffic into sales. With our easy to manage eCommerce sites you can easily update your products anytime from anywhere.

Call 1300 638 949 now to arrange a meeting with an experienced web consultant.

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Web Hosting

Not only do we use super secure fast servers, maintenance on your website is completely free! Netwizard Design is recognized for offering a full service hosting service second to none. Have you been paying $75 an hour + for updates to your website? ... Don't!

Our hosting service includes:

  • Free domain registration and renewal
  • Free text and image updates
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth

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SEO Content Marketing

The goal of Google and every other search engine is to have quality rise to the top (unless of course you're willing to pay to be on top). So naturally their advice to Web authors is "write great content." This is where Netwizard can help. We will write quality articles and add them to your website blog as well as post them to your Facebook page. The new catch phrase in search engine optimization is "Content is King" Netwizard's unique content marketing methods are what set you apart from the competition. We not only write high quality content we market it on Facebook designed to drive visitors back to your website. This is how you get real results, not by spending thousands per month trying to trick the search engines. So let's take a look at the offer below:

  • Custom Designed Facebook Page
  • Two unique articles written per month designed to engage an audience that is interested in your field of expertise.
  • Blog page implemented on your website and articles updated on a fortnightly basis.
  • Articles added to your company facebook page.

All for an investment of $247 per month incl GST

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